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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

  • "Past" life regression + connecting with your Higher Self + Body Scan

  • Created by Dolores Cannon

  • In-person only

  • Connect with Higher Self

Beyond Quantum Healing

  • "Past" life regression + connecting to Higher Self, guides, Ascended Masters, guardian angel, other aspects of yourself, etc + Body Scan

  • Created by Candace Craw-Goldman, trained under and assisted Dolores Cannon

  • Online, remote session

  • Allows for me to utilize other healing modalities like Light Language during the hypnosis session

For persistent issues / symptoms, check out Introspective Hypnosis


Cindy Kim explains:


Session Structure

Best Way to Prepare

What to Expect While Under Hypnosis

What is QHHT®?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) was developed by the acclaimed Dolores Cannon, who honed her technique for over 45 years, and with it, she regressed thousands worldwide and published almost twenty books about her findings. 


QHHT is more than just a past life regression; it's a journey to your higher consciousness so you can learn more about yourself. At this time, the human consciousness is expanding at an exponential rate.  Just as your Subconscious, also known as Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, Oversoul, Divine Self, Christ Consciousness, Universal Mind, will show you exactly what you need to see in your QHHT session, you were guided here. You are seeking answers about your mind, body and spirit. For some, you are just curious, and for others, it's about your emotional and physical state. 

During your hypnosis session, your Higher Self will take you to the most appropriate time and place. The "most appropriate time and place" can be a past life, future life, parallel life, off-world life, a different dimensional life, or even this current life. In this healing work, we will learn how your other lives affect this current life, and we will receive answers and ask for any healing work from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self knows everything about you, including all your other lives; it also loves you unconditionally and is always, always with you.

Many of us have had numerous lives, and for some this is your first human life.  Each of us has chosen to come into this life, this reality, at this time, to have certain experiences. 


Together, we can discover what your life purpose is, why you chose to come into this life at this time, the origins of your current challenges whether it be emotional, mental, physical or spiritual, and how to heal from these challenges. These are just examples of what we can uncover. The possibilities are numerous and are only limited by your imagination. 

If you have any further questions, please check out the How to Prepare and FAQ sections.


I completed my advanced QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) Level 2 Training with Julia Cannon
on the
Big Island, Hawaii

Julia Cannon and Cindy Kim QHHT Level 2 Hawaii.jpg

What is BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) - online hypnosis?

BQH is another type of quantum healing hypnosis, which was created by Candace Craw-Goldman who trained under Dolores Cannon and assisted her in her live hypnosis teaching workshops until Dolores' earthly transition in 2014.


BQH is very similar to QHHT with a couple of exceptions. First, this type of quantum healing hypnosis is available online so you can have the session in the comfort of your own home without having to travel. Experiencing an online session is as equally powerful as having it in-person. Second, there is flexibility with who comes forward to answer your questions, meaning it's not necessarily your Higher Self; it may be one of your guides, your Divine Masculine/Feminine, another aspect of you, an ascended master, the Council of Elders, or your Higher Self. However, if you prefer your Higher Self to come through, we can definitely do that too!


In a BQH session, similar to a QHHT session, the first part will be doing a "past" life regression and the second part connecting to your Higher Self/guides to answer your questions. Your Higher Self, who is YOU but in the subtle realm, is always guiding you. 

Because this is an online session, you'll want to have a strong internet connection, laptop (ideal)/mobile device (that can be propped up), and a solid pair of earbuds/headset with a microphone. 

If you have any further questions, please check out the How to Prepare and FAQ sections.


I am a hypnotherapist and learned about QHHT. I looked for a provider near me and found Cindy. When doing deep personal work it is really important that you find a provider who creates a safe and inviting atmosphere to share. Cindy is a reflective listener with excellent counseling and interviewing skills. I felt exceedingly comfortable sharing details, knowing that the more I shared, the better Cindy could help me and she made it easy. And as a hypnotherapist I'm not the easiest person to hypnotize for obvious reasons. But Cindy has excellent skills and took me into a deep state fairly easily. What emerged were powerful lessons and information. And a video recording of the whole thing so I can continue to benefit from the session long after. Knowledge, skills demeanor and compassion, Cindy has an excellent, well-rounded offering that will help on the deepest of levels. Can't go wrong here.

*Facebook testimonials

Cindy is so caring, insightful, thorough and engaged. I had a [BQH] distance session and I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to go under hypnosis as I had tried to do a past life regression previously with no success but Cindy's faith and confidence in me being able to do it was so reassuring. The whole experience was quite amazing. I had a tone of questions and Cindy managed to address all of them and then some extra ones that I hadn't thought of but that came up naturally during our chat thanks to her thoroughness and care. The pre-hypnosis getting to know each other and going over my questions felt like a really healing therapeutic session which was so appreciated. It felt like an added bonus. The [BQH] was quite amazing. I would definitely recommend getting one if you are contemplating it. I have already noticed some physical symptoms in my body have disappeared. And I had some powerful insights from my higher self. There was a tone of energy in and around my body and I could feel a lot of dense stuck energy draining out and a complete lightness in my energy field. She also used light language which was another additional bonus! Thanks again Cindy x

Cindy is a very gifted practitioner--highly intuitive, open-hearted, and very much tuned into the frequencies of love and light. She is warm and friendly, and eager to help you achieve a greater sense of your Self. Her excitement for this work is palpable! You can feel her high vibration even though her correspondence! I've had an in-person QHHT session and a remote Light Language transmission, and each has brought me in closer relationship with my own consciousness and strengthened my everyday awareness, helping me to feel more expansive. The more recent LL session was incredibly powerful, providing me with several intuitive hits to propel me forward on my path. I highly recommend working with Cindy if you feel called to raise your vibration!


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