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What is Light Language (LL)?

Light Language is an expression of soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart communication with Source, to whom we are all connected to, of Oneness.  It is a deep, love connection between our soul and the Universe. Light language is a channeled, multi-dimensional, non-linear encodement of sound and light, filtered by your Higher Self to provide exactly what your light body needs at this very moment.

This alchemic sound frequency works on a quantum level, bypassing the ego mind and directly penetrating into the subtle energy realm. This dynamic, heart-based encodement can activate, release and realign your energetic, emotional, mental, and/or physical "body"; and it can also upgrade your DNA as we embark towards Ascension. Often times, there is no direct translation (word for word) for the light language transmission since we are working with a non-linear, multi-dimensional vibratory frequency.

What is being channeled?

Knowing that the universe is vast, we can assume a limitless number of energy codes can be channeled! However, the general categories of channeled energetic light codes tend to be angelic, elemental, galactic and ancient/indigenous. Light language transmissions can contain more than one light code. Just know that each transmission is perfect and for your highest good; my Higher Self and and your Higher Self are working together to bring through the perfect combination of light codes. Note, that I do not heal you - I am only the conduit of the light codes and you are the receiver of them; you heal yourself through your Higher Self.

What Light Language forms do you offer?

Generally light language can be expressed in four ways: speaking, singing, signing with body/hands and writing. There may be more expressive forms but these are the ones that I know about. I offer spoken/singing/signing LL transmissions; it may be a combination of speaking, singing and/or signing, or just one form. You can check out my YouTube channel to listen/watch what it sounds like. 


I also offer "written" light language transmissions. You will receive one customized, digital light language artwork as well as the time-lapse video of the light language transmission. The transmission will be created based on your intention for the light codes. To book this service, go to Schedule Session. More information about the artwork package can be found under the FAQ.


If you'd like to see my written LL transmissions, they are posted on my Instagram account, @balancedalchemy_cindykim. Note that each transmission has a healing intention; and one way to interact with written LL transmissions is to place your hands over the drawing, close your eyes, open your heart, and then be in the moment and see what you experience with the light codes. 

How can Light Language assist you?

In the session, you may either come with a specific area to work on, or allow for an open, general intention of what is for your highest good. 


Below are some ideas of areas you may want to work on during our session together:


  • Strengthening communication with Higher Self

  • Releasing emotions/thought forms that no longer serve you, e.g. anxiety, depression, stress, over- analyzing, shame, guilt, etc

  • Reinforcing positive emotions/thought patterns, e.g. self-love, forgiveness, compassion, inner strength, calmness, etc

  • Increasing intuition 

  • Activating psychic gifts

  • Realigning to your soul purpose

  • Balancing chakras, energy body

  • Opening up your third eye 

  • Activating your crystalline light body

  • Releasing energetic blockages that may cause physical ailments, e.g. hormonal balancing

  • Healing animals/pets/nature

  • Clearing a location

  • Or anything else!

You will receive a copy of the LL transmission after our session together. Because LL contains dynamic encodements, each time you listen to the recording, you may experience additional shifts, deepening your connection to the subtle realm and Source. Hence I strongly recommend that you continue to listen to the recording after your session. 

LL ideasofwhattoworkon

Are you ready to experience alchemic, vibratory sound frequencies?

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