FAQ - Light Language

How are Light Language sessions conducted?

Remotely via Zoom which is an online, video conferencing platform. After you book your session online, you will receive a separate email with log in information.

What will I experience during a Light Language session?

You may notice physical sensations, thoughts, emotions, or even psychic information flowing through like seeing colors or images, similar to what one would experience in a quantum healing hypnosis session. And if you don't notice any sensations during a transmission, that's perfectly fine too - just know that your Higher Self and Team of Light are helping you to integrate the light codes into your field and light body.

What is the structure of a Light Language session?

A Light Language session consists of three parts: 1 - Interview - in this short interview, we will review what area you want to work on 2 - Light Language transmission - I will channel the transmission which will be recorded, and you'll get a copy of the audio file 3 - Post transmission - review what happened during the transmission Because Light Language contains dynamic encodements, each time you listen to the recording, you may experience additional shifts, deepening your connection to the subtle realm and Source. Hence I strongly recommend that you continue to listen to the recording after your session.

What does Light Language sound like?

I have Light Language transmissions posted on my YouTube channel, so you can check that out. My transmissions tend to have more than one channeled code, and you can hear it when my voice changes. Each transmission is unique and distinct, and perfectly tailored for you as your Higher Self and my Higher Self are working together, co-creating this experience for you. No transmission is ever the same, and I never know what will come through!

Do you offer a free consultation since I'm still unsure if this is for me?

Yes. I offer a quick, free 15 minute consultation. You can schedule this directly on my calendar by clicking here. I look forward to connecting with you!

What's included in the custom, Light Language artwork package?

You will receive one customized written light language transmission: 1 - five different formats: .PSD, .PDF, .JPEG, .PNG, .TIFF 2 - the aspect ratio will be one of these: 5:4, 4:5, 5:5; I won't know if it will be portrait, landscape, or a square until I start channeling your personalized light codes. 3 - bonus: time-lapse video of your customized light language digital file! Note: upon purchasing, you will be asked what your intention for your light language artwork will be. Please allow 1-3 days from the scheduled session time to receive your digital files.