What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning uses alchemic sounds to balance and realign your mind, body and spirit. Just like how a piano eventually needs to be tuned, our bodies do too. Through the use of pure, harmonic frequencies of tuning forks and crystals, we can release mental, emotional and physical blockages, like depression, anxiety, stress, tiredness, insomnia, to allow more space for creativity, happiness and joy. 

And even if you've done the inner work and talk therapy, the dissonance can still be felt and heard in your field. And at times, just a quick sweep is needed, again depending where you are with your inner work. Each session is unique and never the same. Just like an onion, we are peeling away layers, so we can strengthen and balance your biofield.  Clients report feeling lighter and relaxed after experiencing a Biofield Tuning session.

How does Biofield Tuning work?

Each of us has an electromagnetic field, called a "biofield" (a coined term by the NIH in 1994) all around the body, a toroidal field; another name for it is your aura. Within this field are stored memories of our soul, of our current life. In the session, we focus on the timeline of your current life and we comb through the pockets of distortion. And you may be able to hear the distortion by listening to the fork's pitches.


We each carry unique energy signatures because we all have unique life experiences and come from distinct ancestral heritages. Our biofield holds all this information about ourselves and our ancestral timeline, and occasionally, your ancestral energies may come forth in a session requesting a release of old traumas and/or wounds.


The tuning fork gently interacts with the energy/sound distortions by entraining these areas of dissonance to the pure frequency of the tuning forks. Once the body is attuned to the frequency of the forks, there is a release of the stuck emotions, the mental blockages, which translates into feeling lighter and more relaxed.  Then you can start to create new stories with renewed energy.

The forks used during the session can be the frequencies (Hz) of the:

  1. Schumann Resonance (also known as Earth's electromagnetic field in the ionosphere)

  2. Solfeggio 

  3. Fibonacci Sequence (Golden Mean/Golden Ratio), or 

  4. crystals​

Note: I may channel Light Language during the session if I feel guided. Click here for more information on Light Language.

Conditions that may be improved by Biofield Tuning

  • Pain 

  • Anxiety 

  • Adrenal stress 

  • Digestive issues 

  • Menstrual issues  

  • Depression

  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Addiction 

  • Fear/phobias 

  • Panic attacks 

  • Vertigo

  • PTSD

  • Migraines/headaches 

  • Insomnia

  • Restless leg syndrome 

  • “Stuckness” 

  • And more…

What happens in a Biofield Tuning session?

A Standard Biofield Tuning session takes 1 hour. We start with a quick intake review and talk about your goals. Then we'll start with you lying down comfortably with your eyes open or closed. During the session, you might notice sensations - physical (tingling, hot/cold, twitching), have a thought, feel an emotion, or see images in your mind's eye. These are all different forms of releases which is exactly what we want!  Just allow and have no expectations of what will transpire during the session.  Very often, clients feel very relaxed and lighter after their Biofield Tuning session.

In a Standard Biofield session: 

  1. Activate your Earth Star and Sun Star chakras and your body's Central Channel

  2. Determine which Chakras (energy vortexes) need balancing

  3. Using a tuning fork and crystal, comb through your biofield, return scattered bio-protons back into your body, and then reintegrate it back into your field and into the Universe

  4. Seal the energy work of the session with Figure 8s and Cocooning

There are a variety of specialty Biofield Tuning sessions listed in the next section below and are for returning clients after having had a Standard Biofield Tuning session. 


IF YOU'RE NEW TO BIOFIELD TUNING, we'll start you off with a Standard Biofield Tuning session.

STANDARD BIOFIELD TUNING - takes 60 minutes and is a thorough balancing of your energy centers. 

Specialty Biofield Tuning Sessions - returning clients only

These sessions are available to returning clients who have had a Standard Biofield Tuning session. All sessions are 60 minutes unless noted. It is recommended to have a series of three sessions for the listed specialties except for the Sonic Meridian Flush.


ADRENAL RESET  Our adrenals sit at the top of our kidneys and activate our fight, flight, and freeze response to stress. These glands help our bodies stay in homeostasis, but with how much stress is in our daily lives, our adrenals can be stuck at the "on" switch. This session can help those with fatigue, food cravings, insomnia, brain fog, depression, anxiety, among other ailments.


SONIC MERIDIAN FLUSH  (60-75 minutes) This relaxing and restorative session resets and balances the energy highways of your body, from head to toe, and your nervous system. If you feel stuck and unproductive with projects and in your day to day life, this session can help you feel more energized, invigorated and inspired. Takes between 60-75 minutes.


RELATIONSHIP  Requires that both individuals have a Standard Biofield Tuning session prior. This session harmonizes and realigns the energy between two individuals. This session can be for couples, parent-child, close siblings, etc. This session is not just for intimate couples. 

ORGAN BALANCE AND RESET  Our cells make up our organs and our organs make up our various body systems, and our systems make up our body; they build on each other. We tend to take our body for granted and not even think twice about how our organs are functioning until there's a blimp, a physical issue. If you are experiencing particular issues with your body systems, for example, digestion, endocrine, reproductive, lymphatic, muscular, nervous system, etc, we will focus on balancing and resetting the corresponding organs first, before we progress to tuning that particular body system. Even if your body isn't expressing any dis-ease, this session can help strengthen the biofield of your organs so they are in coherence and in harmony.

BODY SYSTEM BALANCE AND RESET  This session is conducted after an Organ Balance and Reset session for a particular body system. It's important first to strengthen and harmonize the biofield of the organs of a particular body system before we balance and reset the system's electromagnetic field. 

PROJECT TUNINGS Harmonizing and balancing energies between you and the situation. Examples: you're looking to buy/remodel a house, to release any residual energies of a past relationship, to create a new project (i.e. retreat, course, product, etc), and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Other Biofield Tuning Sessions

GROUP SESSION  I also offer group sessions at your location, or via Zoom

ADD ON :: LIGHT LANGUAGE (20 minutes)  Channeled sounds and high, vibrational expression of divine energy to be experienced after your Biofield Tuning session. 20 minute add on. Click here for more information on Light Language. 

How are sessions conducted?

I offer in-person Biofield Tuning sessions in Mount Shasta, California, Northern California, and online/remote sessions via Zoom. Online sessions are just as powerful with the same benefits as in-person sessions, and this is possible because of quantum physics. In the same vein of how clients feel lighter and more relaxed after a Biofield Tuning, the same theory holds true for distance sessions. Energy, sound and vibration are based on the physics of resonance and entrainment - all quantum in nature. 

Biofield Tuning Founder and researcher Eileen McKusick explains how Distance sessions work:

Biofield Tuning Logo.jpeg

More information about Biofield Tuning can be found at www.biofieldtuning.com

Are you ready to balance and harmonize your mind, body and spirit, so you can make room for more creativity, joy and happiness?