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White Branch

What is Crystalline Soul Healing® (CSH)?

Crystalline Soul Healing® is an ancient Lyran healing modality which was created by Jamye Price. Crystalline Soul Healing® balances the divine masculine and divine feminine parts of you into wholeness, into your Crystalline Body. Like all healing modalities, it balances your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. 


This modality is template-based, and your Higher Self uses the Crystalline Soul Healing® template to heal your mind, body and spirit. Your Higher Self knows what to release, activate, and realign. Your Higher Self knows everything about you, since the start of your soul journey, and knows what is for your highest good. 


In a Crystalline Soul Healing® session, I interweave light language which is an expression of heart-to-heart communication with Source. Light language consists of high frequency alchemical light codes which your soul understands, not your mind. More information about light language can be found here. Light Language further activates your etheric DNA strands and in turn your crystalline light body. 

What to expect in a Crystalline Soul Healing® session?

Part 1: Discuss your intention, the area you want to work on together

Part 2: Activate the Crystalline Soul Healing® template

Part 3: Share what we experienced during the session

During the Crystalline Soul Healing® template activation, I may also receive messages from your Higher Self or guides and share that with you. 

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