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Introspective Hypnosis is a deep, therapeutic hypnosis technique. We work with your symptoms, your persistent issues, which can be mental, emotional, or physical. Any symptom that you find challenging in your life is what we work on.


There are no accidents in one’s life. Your challenges, your experiences all happen for a reason. We are here to experience and learn from our challenges. We are on a journey of self-love, of full acceptance of self. 


You may not understand at all why you’re feeling a certain way in your life or why you're experiencing that physical uncomfortableness in your body. 


You may understand how your childhood trauma, adult trauma, experience is affecting you, yet you still feel stuck - that something is still missing or not quite right.


With this hypnosis, we get to the origin, the root cause of your symptom. The origin can be a past life but not necessarily. We won’t know until we do the regression. Your subconscious will reveal the unseen to be seen, and the unconscious to be conscious. Once the origin has been revealed and fully seen, heard, and known, the symptom tends to resolve.


I have witnessed so much magic with Introspective Hypnosis, and I am so excited to be officially offering these sessions!

Introspective Hypnosis was created by Aurelio Mejias in 1995 who has conducted thousands of sessions. I’ve been trained in Introspective Hypnosis by Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman

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to unlock
your subconscious

Eriksonian hypnosis

Forgiveness therapy

Role change

Past life regression

Spirit assistance/Spirit release

Womb regression

Soul fragmentation

Soul entrapment & recovery

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Ready to let go of the old you and become the true you? 

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