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I am a hypnotherapist and learned about QHHT. I looked for a provider near me and found Cindy. When doing deep personal work it is really important that you find a provider who creates a safe and inviting atmosphere to share. Cindy is a reflective listener with excellent counseling and interviewing skills. I felt exceedingly comfortable sharing details, knowing that the more I shared, the better Cindy could help me and she made it easy. And as a hypnotherapist I'm not the easiest person to hypnotize for obvious reasons. But Cindy has excellent skills and took me into a deep state fairly easily. What emerged were powerful lessons and information. And a video recording of the whole thing so I can continue to benefit from the session long after. Knowledge, skills demeanor and compassion, Cindy has an excellent, well-rounded offering that will help on the deepest of levels. Can't go wrong here.


I have been receiving Light Language transmissions from Cindy recently, and have found this to be quite powerful in shifting my energies, releasing old patterns, and restructuring my matrix. I felt physical sensations like jolts of electricity in my root area, a blockage of pain be released from my left sacral area, and some work in my head area leaving me feel light [throughout my] body and more connected cosmically... then I needed to have a nap an hour later, probably to integrate & repair even more. We'll see what tomorrow brings... thank you Cindy!


I had a general, at a distance biofield tuning session with Cindy and felt such a sense of homeostasis in my energy field and body that I decided to try more of her offerings! I then tried the adrenal reset and some of the specific organ tunings like the heart, lungs and digestive system. I could feel all kinds of things shifting and balancing. I mostly would feel vibrations, heat, tingling, twitching and even involuntary movement of my limbs. I experienced seeing new colors in my third eye, had full color and sound envelop my body while she was working on my heart! It was out of this world fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone. Cindy is a very intuitive healer and even gave me a personal light language reading which was powerful and could feel the various energy in the room! I was blown away! I will certainly be coming back for incremental tune ups now that I feel the difference. Thanks Cindy! 💜


I would highly recommend Cindy for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. I had a session with her and I'm pretty sure I can say I was a challenging client in many ways. Cindy has quite a bit of education and knowledge, a good amount of intuition and a lot of persistence. Because of this I was able to take away some really valuable information and advice. I also had my positional vertigo healed. It had been an issue since childhood and it is now GONE! What a relief! Thank you Cindy


I highly recommend Light Language therapy with Cindy! I have now done 2 sessions. Both were amazing experiences. The feelings of love and light were very strong. With the most recent one I could literally feel my vibration and was surrounded with, and by light. I actually saw and felt my heart connecting with Cindy's who is on the other side of the country. A complete feeling of peace and love - even though it was silent for the most part. I encourage you to try it! Thanks Cindy! What an awesome healing modality. I look forward to doing more. ❤️


I had an awesome experience when I had an online BQH session with Cindy. I’ve had QHHT sessions before and those are also great, but this was unique since I could do it from the comfort of my own home and it’s all done by video chat with her. She really cares about the quality of your experience and makes sure to find out what things you want to work on...whether it’s healing, life issues, questions you need answered, etc. She is an amazing listener, and asks all the right questions before and during the session to get to the heart of things. During the session her voice was so relaxing and hypnotic I almost fell asleep, but she kept me awake by asking many questions to really dig deep. During my session I connected with multiple guides and were told and shown random things, some made sense at the time and some didn’t. About an hour after the session there were so many synchronicities and strange things happening that were related to my session that I knew my guides were making sure to show me that everything that just happened was legit. It was wild! I loved this and received so many helpful answers and direction on what to do with things I had questions about. It was so great, I recommend her to a friend who also had a session with her that she throughly enjoyed as well. Highly recommend! 😀


Had the most amazing BQH session with Cindy !!! She helped me get so many answers and validations .. she’s very connected, gifted and just all around amazing ❤️ I would highly recommend this type of session if you want to expand and explore your multidimensional self


I recently had a QHHT session with Cindy and I’m so grateful for the session. Cindy is very professional warm and provide the space that I felt completely safe and comfortable. I am a healer and my QHHT session with Cindy provided absolute clarity, deeper connection to source, manifesting with ease, and my physical body feels more vibrant. Such an honor to of had the opportunity to work with her and for her to support me in who I am for my community. 


I’ve had a [BQH] session and [Light Language] sessions with Cindy and I highly recommend working with her. The [BQH] session was done over zoom and it was really powerful even though it was conducted at a distance. I was able to explore aspects of myself that are so important for my personal growth and for the work I am currently doing. She was an incredible guide throughout the entire process. Cindy is an incredibly intuitive channel and her [Light Language] sessions are [incredibly] beautiful. ✨💙✨


My session with Cindy was a fantastic experience. She made me feel very much at ease and relaxed. Cindy is compassionate, knowledgeable, patient, and  her energy fills the room I went into this with an open mind with lots of questions and I was not disappointed. I learned things about myself that I would not have realized if it were not for our session. Thank you for the great experience Cindy.


I had my session almost a month ago now. I wanted to take my time to really absorb and reflect upon my experience. Even as a Light-worker and Spiritual Healer- I had never heard of QHHT before. I love to always learn and experience new situations in life. My cousin recommended Cindy. I did my research and came prepared w/ my questions of my Higher Self.  QHHT has since enhanced my spiritual channeling abilities. My messages are just more clearer and simple. I am more calm and relaxed. My priorities and path in life are more defined. I’ve learned to better balance my energy. I’ve been having more dreams about my other lives in parallel Universes. QHHT has enhanced my meditation and pain practices- by teaching me how to better self heal. I can’t wait to see how much more enlightenment and healing will come from my QHHT experience. I recommend QHHT and Cindy for a truly deep spiritual awakening.


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