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How to Prepare for BQH - Online Hypnosis session

Prior to your session, email me the following: 

  • questions you want to ask your Higher Self/Team of Light (guidelines below) 

  • completed client/agreement form (download PDF)

Set up technical equipment for online session:  

  • Set up your laptop/computer. During the hypnosis session, laptop should be propped higher than your head, such that I can see both your eyes and your upper chest. You may need to prop it with books.  

  • Check that your headset with attached microphone (or ear bud with mic) is working with Zoom. Check that you are not using your computer/laptop's microphone. Zoom is the online videoconferencing platform used for online sessions. To access Zoom, open the meeting invite for your appointment and click on the Zoom link within the invite.

  • Plug laptop/computer into the electrical wall.

  • If you place your mobile phone on airplane mode, disable all alarms.


Bring water to your session 


Email me the questions you want to ask your Higher Self/Team of Light 

Prepare 10-12 questions total. Email me your questions prior to your session. No need to write out an explanation for each question; generally, the explanation will naturally reveal itself during the interview.  Group the questions by the following topics:  

  • spirituality/life/paranormal 

  • health 

  • relationships  

  • work/career 


You'll want to spend some time thinking about what questions you want to ask your Higher Self. You'll want to ask more what, how, why questions than yes/no questions. Questions should be about you, not someone else.  


These questions are a starting point. During the interview process, we may find other questions to add.  



What is my life purpose?   

Why did I choose this life?  

When I started to fall, I felt like I was floating, like I was being lifted to safety. What was that? 

Why do I feel so much fear and anxiety in my life?  

Why do I have x, y, z health issues? 

What is my optimal diet? 

Why did I choose a challenging mother/father?  

How can I improve my relationship with my x, y, z? 

What should I do for work?  

How can I have a more fulfilling career? 


Set the intention for a fantastic session! 

Start to set the intention to have a fantastic session, that way you will get all the information you need and receive the appropriate healing.  As soon as your session has been scheduled, your Higher Self is already preparing you mentally and spiritually.  


Relax before your session 

A few days prior to your session, relax and calm your mind through meditation or visualization. There are many YouTube videos that can guide you through one. The simplest way to meditate is to focus on your breathing. If you notice a thought or feeling, just recognize and accept that you had it and return your focus back to your breathing. You can do this sitting down in a chair. I do not recommend doing this lying down as you are likely to fall asleep! 



Get plenty of sleep the night before 

Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep the night before your session, so you feel refreshed.  


Reduce your caffeine intake (coffee/tea/energy drinks/etc.) 

Generally speaking, reduce your caffeine intake.  You want to be relaxed, not jittery, during your session.  


No alcohol/recreational drug use 

Refrain from drinking any alcohol or taking recreational drugs the night before and the day of your session. You want a clear mind, free from any mind-altering substances, for your session. Please continue to take any medication as directed by your doctor.  


Wear something comfortable  

You may want to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.  


Take it slow after your session 

This healing work is deep and on a quantum level, so I recommend that you take it slow after your session. You'll want to listen to your recording and allow your being-ness to absorb this transformative experience. Do not listen to your recording while driving or operating a vehicle.  

It is highly recommended that you listen to your recording at least three times to get the full healing benefit. Most are conscious of their entire session, but as soon as they come out of hypnosis, the details quickly fade like a dream.  

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