FAQ - Online Quantum Hypnosis (BQH)

How can I have the very best session?

During the session, you will see images in your mind. I cannot see what you are seeing, so it's important that you do the following:

  • Talk as much as you can
  • Provide as much detail of what you're seeing. Your other senses might be heighten, like feeling, hearing, tasting.
  • Say the very first thing that comes to mind, the first impression, the first thought, the first anything.
  • DO NOT second guess yourself, overanalyze; do not doubt what you are seeing, feeling, sensing, hearing, etc. The very thought of it will block your energy flow, and take you out of the deep, relaxed, theta trance state. This stimulates your left brain and we do not want the left brain to be activated. We want the right brain to show up for your session!

Will I remember my session?

Most are conscious during their entire hypnosis session, but as soon as they come out of hypnosis, the details quickly fade like a dream. This is why it's important to listen to/watch your recording, so you can incorporate the learnings of the session and wisdom of your Higher Self into your current life, and receive more healing as a result. Fewer do not remember most of their session, but that is why you receive a copy of the recording.

Why is the session so long? Will I be under hypnosis the entire time?

The session can take between 4.5 to 6 hours. We do not want to rush the process. And no, you will not be under hypnosis the entire 4.5 to 6 hours! The session is long because it's more than just having a hypnosis session; the goal is to have one, complete healing session, not to have multiple sessions. The session has three parts:

  1. Interview - I'm getting to know you so I can guide you in the very best way during your hypnosis session. It's important that you feel that you can trust me. Trust is imperative for any healing modality to work.
  2. Hypnosis - two parts: a) "past" life regression b) contact your Higher Self/guides to answer your questions and do any healing work, if appropriate.
  3. Post-interview - review of your hypnosis session

Can I have someone in my home during my hypnosis?

Ideally, no. It is very important we are not disturbed for the entire session. Also it is critical that you feel that you can fully disclose information without having to filter. If you have pets, please make necessary arrangements so that we won't be disturbed.

I scheduled a session. Now what?

Your Higher Self has already started to prepare you for your session on a quantum level. However, in this reality, make sure to review the preparation section prior to your session. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

I have a full schedule after our session. Is that okay?

If you want the very best possible session, I strongly recommend taking it easy after the session and not schedule anything except you-time. You'll want to fully take in the experience and reflect on what you've just learned from your Higher Self and your guides. And honestly, it's really important that you are 100% focused on your session and not thinking about what you have to do after the session. We together are co-creating this experience for you, with the intention for you to have the very best session possible.

What is the difference between BQH and QHHT?

Both are very similar in that the first part of the hypnosis is a "past" life regression and the second part is contacting the higher realms to answer your questions. Some differences are that BQH is done online while QHHT is conducted in-person and in BQH, your guides (other than your Higher Self) may come forward to answer your questions.

Is an online session just as effective and safe as an in-person hypnosis session?

Absolutely! This form is just as safe and just as powerful; we are working in the quantum realm.

What's the benefit of having an online BQH session over a QHHT session?

Similiar to a QHHT session but - no traveling - having the session in the comfort of your home

Do you offer a free consultation since I'm still unsure if this is for me?

Yes. I offer a quick, free 15 minute consultation. You can schedule this directly on my calendar by clicking here. I look forward to connecting with you!